Good afternoon, and welcome to my webpage. I joined the UNI faculty in 1999, and am proud to be at an institution that values excellent scholarship and excellent teaching. Lately, I've been writing about the Prisoner's Dilemma, Graph Theory, and using IBL techniques to teach Math for Liberal Arts courses. In addition to teaching mathematics, I coach improv, and serve on the Cedar Falls school board.

Here are some things which may be of interest:

Find The Error. A series of calculus problems where the student has to find the error in a false argument that 0 = 1. These have become popular, and accused of being "fun."

An inflectionless point. Dave Bressoud came up with a function where the derivative is 0 at x = 0, where the derivative is negative for all other values of x, yet does not have a point of inflection at x = 0.

Todd's Evil Limit. Todd Eisworth showed me the most surprising limit I've ever seen! Take a look.

The LOST Numbers revealed. I played a little prank on the LOST community when the series was at its peak. A TV executive plagurised the result (to my delight, of course) and there was much fan discussion, before I became a footnote in both the LOST wikipedia, and in the Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences.

Here are some other things which may be of interest:

My guide to what is NOT a proof

Jerry Uhl's list of mathematics quotations

Douglas West's guide to mathematics grammar

My history of the UNI mathematics department

And, off the topic of mathematics, I've taught courses in improvisational comedy for various age groups, and I'm proud of the homework assignments I've given.

My homework assignments for an improv course